Haven Mattress FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (Short-Video Explained)

The Very Best Mattress

How Firm are these mattresses? (65 sec. Video)

I want to know more about Haven 10" Rejuvenate (57 sec. Video)

How many coils does a Haven LUX 14" have? (80 sec. Video)

Should I go with 10" Rejuvenate or 14" LUX? (48 sec. Video)

Haven has health benefits far greater than normal beds? (42 sec. Video)

What kind of mattress are Haven?

What type of materials is Haven made from?

What type of bed frame should I use / Do I need a box spring? (44 sec. Video)

Do you offer 100-Night Risk Free Trial? (25 sec. Video)

Do you need to flip the mattress? (31 sec. Video)

How do I clean my mattress? (32 sec. Video)

How do I protect my mattress? (33 sec. Video)

Does Haven have a break-in period? (15 sec. Video)

Is the foam safe?

Does the mattress smell? (22 sec. Video)

How much does Haven Rejuvenate 10" weigh?

What are the dimensions of the Haven mattress?

Don't I have to try Haven before buying it?

Why is Haven price low compared to similar mattresses in retail stores? (31 sec. Video)

What is a Hybrid mattress? (50 sec. Video)

Which Haven is best for sex? (29 sec. Video)

Is Haven Anti-Inflammatory? (36 sec. Video)

How can I avoid flame retardants? (22 sec. Video)

Is your mattress bedbugs free? (16 sec. Video)

I want to know more about layers in your 10" and 14" mattress.. (60 sec. Video)

Can You Remove My Old Mattress? (24 sec. Video)

How can Haven be Vegan? (48 sec. Video)

The Delivery

When will my Haven be delivered? (16 sec. Video)

How much does shipping cost?

Where do you ship? (14 sec. Video)

Do you ship to Yukon and North West Territories? (8 sec. Video)

How do I know what to do once my Haven box arrives?

Can I put Haven back in the box? (15 sec. Video)

When can I sleep on my new Haven?

What warranty is provided for the Haven? (17 sec. Video)

What warranty and service are provided for the Reverie 300™?

What warranty and service are provided for the Reverie 400™?

If I choose to return my mattress, how do I do this?

Can I Finance my Haven? (6 sec. Video)

Finance Cancellation (19 sec. Video)

Can I return 6" Campus Mattress? (37 sec. Video)

Why can't I return a mattress for the first month? (40 sec. Video)

The Company That Loves Sleep

What is the Haven Mattress Mission? (29 sec. Video)

Where is Haven made?

How does Haven offer such a great value?

What is the # Safe Haven 10 to 1 promise?

Safe Haven 10:1 Charitable Mattress Donations

Our Charitable Partners

Mama's for Mama's - A community where kindness is the currency

Covenant House - Helping troubled youth in Canada

The United Way -Together, we are creating lasting change in communities across Canada

Now Canada - Quality, Integrity,Teamwork and Respect

Ki-Low-Na Friendship Society - Homeless and housing support

Does the #SafeHaven mattress donation program give beds directly to individuals

Suggest a new Charitable partnership for #SafeHaven