Haven's Celliant Minerals

Body Rejuvenating Sleep Technology
Recover like a Champion

Infrared light promotes circulation, increases tissue oxygen levels, enhances cell vitality and regulates body temperature. Hospitals and doctors commonly use it as a therapeutic treatment for conditions ranging from high blood pressure and congestive heart failure to muscle tears and rheumatoid arthritis.

Since 2016, Haven is Canada's
First Wellness Mattress

The use of Celliant classifies Haven mattresses as a medical device recognized by both Health Canada and the US Food and Drug Administration.

6 keys why Celliant is worth your attention

A New Way to Recover

Every Haven features Celliant technology. Clinicals verify that it enhances tissue oxygen levels, balances body temperature, improves sleep quality, and speeds recovery to maximize the impact of time spent recharging.
Feel better, faster with your Haven, and enable your body to recover at its maximum potential.

Helps with Insomnia

While you sleep, it harnesses your body heat and turns it into infrared energy.

Faster to sleep times and less time awake during your sleep cycle. 

Infrared light energy is backed by decades of science.

Different Brands...
Same Technology...

Celliant sends this energy directly to your muscles and tissues. So you get a restorative boost while you sleep.
And wake up energized and refreshed.

Superstar Tom Brady, in partnership with Under Armour have recently launched body recovery clothing using this same technology.

Better Circulation

The energy that Celliant recycles back to the body triggers vasodilation in the capillary bed and makes more oxygen available to your cells. This results in more fuel for your body to perform recovery and maintenance tasks while recharging.

Ideal Temperature Control

Sleeping on a Haven creates a thermo-regulating sleep environment with Celliant’s infrared-light-therapy-infused minerals in our covers. Regulate your body temperature, and transform body heat into recyclable energy that can help you heal.


"Body recovery tested
and approved
by the "Fittest on Earth"

Tia-Clair Toomey

"It reduced my lower back pain and helps my muscles recover.
Love my Haven!"

Kevin Hill

Here are some of the respected third-party research institutions that have evaluated Celliant’s performance.