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Chiropractic Approved

Havens provide additional support layers made with either high density foams or innerspring coils. With the engineering of Springwall Chiropractic design, Top-line Haven's may reduce pressure points in your hips and core areas with the option of softer zoned layers to allow more sink-in feeling. The outcome is a mattress that delivers the correct spinal alignment to aid in improved sleep quality and overall spinal health.

Zero Off-gassing 

Making your Haven in Canada ensures we know exactly what's going into it. No chemical fire retardants are added. To ensure your families safety, we have Havens test by Certipur less than 0.5 parts per million

It takes time..

Works as advertised. Fits the bed exceptionally well and has been a godsend! Very comfortable and no longer have the aches and pains I was having. Highly recommended!

Stephen D. Verified Buyer

I am horrible when it comes to mattresses. It can't be firm enough for the most part as I'm a back sleeper. I'm pleasantly surprised so far with my new Haven mattress. I often feel like I'm sleeping on a hammock and my back kills with most beds but this is nice and firm adn supportive and I don't feel like I'm sinking in too far. It came quick, easy to set up and I was able to get the twin xl size so my hubby and I can have different types of matresses and still keep our king bed frame and sheets. All in all, a good purchase.. finally!!

Kim M.

It took me a bit to write a review i got this mattress last summer and i ha e a bad back it was amazing the first night then it took me abit to get use to it i was really unsure mine had a little defect in the foam theres a rip o the top layer i reached out and they responded but i didnt make a follow up because honestly felt bad because there a company that does good for the environment so i did t want to change it because it was just on an edge that being said i have a feeling they would have exchanged it for me. All that to say im so in LOVE with this bed it really help with pain and its so meditative im looking forward for a good future with it! Thanks haven