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In The Press

“A new raft of mattress makers is changing the way we shop, by making online ordering, front-door delivery and cutting out the overhead cost they are quickly becoming the new (less exhausting) standard”

In The Press

“A new raft of mattress makers is changing the way we shop, by making online ordering, front-door delivery and a one-style-fits-all philosophy the new (less exhausting) standard”

Because you deserve to be comfortable when you're on vacation

Cool and Comfortable

Our specialty plant-based foam mattresses offer ultimate temperature control and support proper spinal alignment compared to other RV mattresses. 

High Quality & Affordable

Eliminating the middle-man with our direct to consumer pricing saves you time AND money.

Why shop at high-priced retail stores when you can order your dream mattress from your living room and have it delivered straight to your front door?

There's no need compromise your sleep when you're on vacation. 

Every Haven mattress is hand sewn in Calgary or Toronto using Canadian materials. Since 1949 we have been creating the ultimate plant-based sleep experience for you and your family.

Haven is Canada's First Wellness Mattress since 2016

The use of Celliant minerals classifies Haven mattresses as a medical device.

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Mattress Measurements

Short RV Queen
60″ x 74.5″
69 lbs

Short RV King
76″ x 74.5″
93 lbs

Shipping Box Measurements

Short RV Queen
64″ x 16″
74 lbs

Short RV King
80″ x 16″
97 lbs


Experience the life-changing difference of sleeping on a Haven mattress. The 10" Rejuvenate features Springwall Chiropractic® high-density foam to provide a better quality sleep and overall spinal health.

The Talalay latex allows the mattress to contour to your unique body shape AND provides the lowest possible level of motion transfer from the person sleeping next to you.


From $699.99


Don't be fooled by this modest price! These plant-based specialty foam mattresses are very supportive of proper spine alignment and ultimate temperature control.

Not too hard... Not too soft... Just right.


From $499.99

"Body recovery tested
and approved
by the "Fittest Woman on Earth"

Tia-Clair Toomey

 Crossfit Games Champion 2019

"This mattress helped my sciatica, It's super comfortable! Glad to be with Haven and sleeping better!"

Bryan Baeumler


"It reduced my lower back pain and helps my muscles recover.
Love my Haven!"

Kevin Hill

Team Canada Olympian

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