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What is the Loyalty Trial Waiver?

Loyalty Shoppers: 

Remove 100-Night Trial & Receive FREE PILLOW ($189.99 Value)

Not a picky sleeper? Already know and love Haven?

1 in 3 of our Haven shoppers are repeat customers.  Join other loyalty shoppers who've opted-out of the 100-night mattress trial, and you'll receive a FREE Haven VitaGel 4-in-1 Pillow! (189.99 Value)

We'll still give you free shipping, the full 10-year warranty and an amazingly cool, supportive and luxurious sleep, but you'll no longer be able to return your mattress upon delivery.


Selecting Queen + Lifestyle Adjustable Frame or Split King + Lifestyle Adjustable Frame includes the 4i Lifestyle Adjustable Frame with 3D massage with your order.

Lifestyle adjustable bed frames are recognized as one of the best ways to get a comfortable night’s sleep. Assemble with ease, rest in luxurious comfort, and enjoy a full-body massage at the touch of a button. Other size options do not come with a frame.

*100-Night comfort trial for your mattress, and 30-Night trial for your pillow.


Loyalty shoppers can take receive an additional FREE Vita-Gel Pillow FREE (retail $189.99) with 100-night trial opt-out.
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    *Only applies to the mattress


Classic Firmness Haven Sleep Co Chart

Soft contouring with firm and supportive layers. Classic firmness is consistent from head to toe. Ideal for front, back and combination sleepers. Side sleepers may prefer Classic + Softer Zoned.

Classic + Softer-Zoned

Soft-zone Classic Plush customization

Customizing with a Soft Zone provides plushness for your shoulders and hips to sink deeper into your mattress, while the firm layers support your head, neck and lower body. Ideal for side sleepers or those wanting maximum softness and sink-in. Not recommended for front sleepers.

The Luxury Sleep Experience

Canadian Chiropractor Association Approved Mattresses

Hand-Made Luxury Canadian Mattress

Optional Zoned Support

Buying a mattress shouldn't be a "one size fits all" experience.

Our Canadian production take 3-5 business days to build your custom Haven fresh-to-order. Haven is the only bed-in-a-box that's premium enough to carry the endorsement of the Canadian Chiropractic Association for spine support and alignment.

Premium Long-Staple Cotton Sheets

Our OEKO-TEX® certified, 500-thread count sateen sheets set captures the blue colour of Bahamas water, and pairs beautifully with a Starlight White 500-thread count sateen duvet cover. The silky softness continues to appreciate the more times you wash and use your bedface bedding.

Sleep comfortably in luxury!

Arctic Waterproof Mattress Protector

After a 3 year search, the Haven design team finally found a 100% waterproof protector that allowed for an above-average level of airflow between sleepers and the Haven below. Designed to work with the bamboo Haven cover to keep air flow circulating while you sleep, the unique Arctic Tech Tensile weave, actually starts out cooler to the touch than traditional materials. 

A Luxury Pillow That Works With You

The most premium and versatile pillow in the Haven curated lineup, the Vita-Gel features a  "sink-in" feel of memory foam on one side, and "float-on" feel of latex on the other. Combined with the dual sided "Cool and Cozy" cover, you're able to fine-tune your custom pillow comfort.

Loyalty shoppers can receive an additional FREE Vita-Gel Pillow FREE (retail $189.99) with 100-night trial opt-out.
Want this offer? Call 1 844 MY HAVEN to redeem.