Removal and Disposal of Current Mattress

Removal and Disposal of Current Mattress

Regular price $149.99

LOYALTY SHOPPERS: Remove 100-night Mattress Trial ($189.99 Value)

FREE PILLOW when you remove the 100-night mattress trial!

Not a picky sleeper? Already know and love Haven? 1 in 3 of our Haven shoppers is a repeat customer. Join other loyalty shoppers who’ve opted-out of the 100-night mattress trial on your Haven, and receive a FREE Bedface IceGel Pillow! ($189.99 value).

We’ll still give you free shipping, the full 10-year warranty, and an amazingly cool, supportive, and luxurious sleep, but you’ll no longer be able to return your mattress upon delivery.

  • × No 100-night trial, but everything else!
  • Plant-based mattress materials with ZERO off-gassing
  • FREE firmness customization
  • CCA certified chiropractic support
  • Supports our 10:1 #SAFEHAVEN promise

Haven's recycling partners, HEY BRYAN APP or 1-800-GOT-JUNK will make an appointment to come to your main floor. Pick-up for recycling or take to landfill.

Subject to availability by location and the terms of use of service provider. If your area is outside of our coverage your disposal fee will be refunded.

We will provide you a 3 hour delivery window for the pick-up.

Please select one or two items for pick-up