Haven Sleep Group: Elevating the Sleep Experience with High-Quality Wholesale Products

by Scott Amis

Haven Sleep Group Launches to Elevate Wholesale Sleep Product Market


For Immediate Release

[Kelowna, BC – July 9, 2024] – Haven Mattress Co., known for its exceptional handcrafted mattresses, today announced the expansion of its product range and the launch of the Haven Sleep Group, a new wholesale division tailored for industry professionals. This initiative will debut in July 2024, offering exclusive access to premium sleep and comfort products through a by-invitation-only online portal.

From Single Product to a Full Range of Sleep Solutions

Originally celebrated for its high-quality mattresses, Haven has evolved to include a variety of sleep-related products, thereby addressing broader aspects of sleep comfort and environment. This expansion includes the introduction of dog beds, cooling pillows, mattress protectors, and luxurious 100% cotton sheets, alongside a cozy new bathrobe. These products are all crafted with the same dedication to quality that has made Haven a beloved brand among consumers.

Innovative Design at the Haven Sleep Innovation Centre

At the core of Haven’s new product offerings is the Haven Sleep Innovation Centre located in Kelowna. This facility is the birthplace of some of the Internet's top-selling and highest-rated sleep products, where Haven’s engineers and designers come together to push the boundaries of sleep technology.

Introducing Haven Sleep Group: A New Era for Wholesale Buyers

Haven Sleep Group marks a significant milestone in Haven's journey. This by-invitation-only online portal offers industry professionals 24/7 access to wholesale prices on a curated selection of Haven's best products. This platform is designed to provide a seamless and convenient shopping experience, allowing professionals to easily order high-quality sleep gear, bedding, and mattresses.

Who Benefits from Haven Sleep Group?

  • Interior Designers: Top interior designers rely on Haven Sleep Group to provide their clients with the best in sleep comfort. The wide range of products allows designers to create luxurious and restful spaces that leave a lasting impression.
  • Airbnb Owners: For Airbnb owners, offering guests a superior sleep experience is crucial. Haven's products ensure that guests have a memorable stay, leading to positive reviews and repeat bookings.
  • Professional Property Managers: Professional property managers understand the importance of maintaining high standards in their properties. Haven's wholesale site makes it easy to equip properties with top-tier sleep products that enhance guest satisfaction.

Why Haven Sleep Group Stands Out:

  • Unmatched Quality and Craftsmanship: Every product on the platform maintains Haven’s high standards, made with meticulous attention to detail and superior craftsmanship.
  • Fast and Reliable Service: Products are handmade and shipped swiftly, emphasizing Haven’s commitment to quick and dependable customer service.
  • Positive Industry Feedback: Early adopters have lauded the convenience and quality of the Haven Sleep Group, noting the significant enhancement it brings to both residential and commercial properties.

Featured Products Include:

  • Cooling Pillows and Protectors: These items are designed to regulate temperature for a cooler sleep, ideal for those in warmer climates or experiencing night sweats.
  • Resort-Quality Cotton Sheets: Available in crisp percale or silky sateen, these sheets bring a touch of luxury and comfort reminiscent of high-end resorts.
  • Luxurious Bathrobe: Crafted for supreme comfort, this bathrobe offers a cozy embrace post-bath, becoming a fast favorite among customers.
  • Durable Dog Beds: Reflecting Haven’s commitment to quality, these pet beds ensure that even four-legged family members enjoy superior comfort.


As Haven Mattress Co. expands into the wholesale market with the launch of Haven Sleep Group, it continues to set the standard for quality and innovation in the sleep industry. This new venture is poised to revolutionize how industry professionals access and procure sleep products, offering unparalleled products and services that are sure to exceed expectations.

For more information about Haven Sleep Group and to request an invitation to the platform, please visit havensleepgroup.com. You can download our media kit here


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Justin Amis
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