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As seen on HGTV, co-designed with the Bryan & Sarah Baeumler


The LUX Hybrid Pillowtop

Elevate your sleep experience with our natural latex hybrid mattress made with premium foams and 2400 coils to perfectly balance comfort and support.

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Your Best Sleep Awaits

Here are 3 reasons you should join thousands of happy sleepers that order Haven for exceptional comfort at the click of a button.

1. The Best Price on Exceptional Sleep

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2. Unmatched Quality

3. Personalized Comfort

Rejuvenating Sleep Starts In The Layers

We've all experienced it—the sway of our partner's movements disrupting our sleep. But with Haven mattresses, that's a thing of the past. The combination of our premium layers minimizes motion transfer, ensuring you and your partner enjoy undisturbed rest all night long.

All Havens are designed with premium natural cool-gel slow sink foam to ensure superior breathability and precise temperature regulation, promising optimal temperature control night after night.

Targeted pressure relief exactly where you need it. The blend of natural latex and specialized foam layers work harmoniously to alleviate pressure on your pressure points and joints, leaving you waking up refreshed, free from any discomfort or stiffness.

* Choose Advanced Pressure Relief on LUX Hybrid Pillowtop & LUX Rejuvenate mattresses