Why Buying a Mattress Online is Better Than You Think

by Janis Blonde

Buying mattresses from a brick and mortar store is so last decade.  

There a number of common concerns that pop up when people are thinking about investing in a new mattress, and why they think they need to shop in a brick and mortar, versus online.  

We’re here to clear up some of those questions and concerns, and make you feel comfortable in making the right decision for you next mattress.  

Buying a mattress online

Concern #1: Buying a Mattress is Something You Need to Do in a Store.

This is only true for a very small percentage of the market. Folks with chornic pain or limited mobility may need specialty designed beds for their condition.

Luxury hotels and resorts owners report that a good quality mattress can deliver a quality level of sleep to the majority of vacationers. So yes, most of us are just fine on a good quality bed. 

Research from the Canadian sleep council confirms that folks shopping in a retail store were more likely to select the wrong mattress than online. The reason stems from two factors:

  1. Laying down for 10 mins only indicates initial feeling and has almost no relation to the 8 hour phases of actual subconscious sleep.
  2. In store sales persons are offen incentivized to sell one particular brand over another (spiffs) or to upsell to higher priced beds where commissions are greater.  

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Don’t forget every Haven purchase comes with a 100-night risk free trial so you can actually test it for its intended purpose.

Concern #2: Buying Online Can Be Stressful and Will Be a Big Disruption When the Bed Arrives.

Nothing could be further from the truth, Haven has designed all aspects of the purchase to be a simple and convenient as possible.  

We even bundle together the most popularly ordered items so they can be ordered and shipped with one selection. We even pass the freight savings on to you.

Then your Haven is made fresh-to-order and ships from our Canadian factory to your door. It arrives in a unbelieveaby compact package.

With carry handles, you simply move the mattress into the room you intended. Our opening process takes under 5 minutes and in a few hours, you are ready for bed!

There is no stress as your online purchase happens on our double-encypted private site and your mattress is backed by a risk-free 100-night trial. So if we get it wrong, we make it right or your money back.  

Try our safe and secure checkout knowing your mattress purchase isn’t complete until 3 months from now when you're loving it.

Haven can help

Concern #3: Online Shopping Doesn't Offer Personal Shopping Options or Someone to Help Me When Things Go Wrong.

That couldn't be further from the truth with Haven. We are a family-owned and operated business, where everybody knows your name. Our toll-free numbers never leave Canada. 

In fact, some of our most experienced staff members are in our customer care team. Mississauaga, Calgary, Kelowna, and Vancouver–all the cites where our team supports you from.

In 2022, the Chamber of Commerce awarded Haven and its team Business excellence. We are real people selling really comfortable beds and accessories. Yes, they all sleep on Havens too.

Read all levels of reviews and decide for yourself. Call the toll-free line if you have questions: 1.844.694.2836

Concern #4: Buying a Luxury Mattress is Only Possible Full-Sized. It’s Only the Bargain Mattresses That you Find Compressed and Delivered by Courier.

To some degree, yes. But we think that's more about the maturity of the marketplace. Meaning the brands that got first traction were entry level brands where price was a strong driver. 

As the BnB market grew, the economic advantage applied to the luxury products too. In fact, when you compare the savings, the high margins of the boutique store were an easy target.  

From a practical point, If the manufacture is looking to use inferior ingredients due to the compression process, they wouldn't bounce back.   

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