Haven provides the REST, 

You add the RELAXATION

Haven provides the REST, 

You add the RELAXATION

Most RV, Marine & Trailer Mattresses Are A Compromise

You Deserve An Upgrade!

Hand-Made to Fit Your Lifestyle

Our production teams in Calgary and Toronto started handcrafting mattresses in 1949. Since then, our boutique manufacturing allows us to deliver a higher quality bed, custom measured to accommodate the cozy space restrictions of your vacation vehicle. We even make custom sizes if needed! 


In 2016, Haven was the first bed-in-a-box to make these custom sizes the ultimate in convenience to order online. Fresh to order RV sizes generally takes 7-10 days to be made and shipped!

Couple in an RV moving a haven mattress
The Baeumler family in front of an RV mattress
Same Great Haven

Haven has the highest customer loyalty rate in the business. After discovering that our customers now want Havens in every bedroom and vacation home, it made sense to offer Havens for the wide-open road too.

Made with the same renewable, comfortable and cooling materials, you can be rest assured you won't need to "get home to my Haven". You'll have one wherever you go!




Which One Will You Choose?

Hybrid Eurotop

Coil beds still remain the most popular across Canada.

Our answer? This hotel-quality Eurotop mattress.


This hybrid gives you a simply dreamy sleep brought to you by pressure-reducing Talalay latex, plant-based CertiPUR-US certified specialty foams, and some of the most advanced cooling technology in the business. 

Featuring 1,200 pocket coils, considerably more coils than the luxury competition, you'll have less motion transfer and better pressure relief for a deeper, more restful sleep. Eurotops are known to deliver a well-balanced (firm yet contouring) sleep surface for all sleep types. Profile height is approx 12".

LUX Rejuvenate Chiropractic

The original Haven since 2016, this mattress is the top of our luxury all-foam offerings. Customized for combination sleepers or a customized zoned layer for side sleepers need more contouring.

The LUX Rejuvenate is the only RV mattress sold in Canada that is hand-made, fresh to order. It features Chiropractic® high-density, CertiPUR-US certified specialty foam for better sleep quality and overall spinal health.

Naturally sourced Talalay latex allows the mattress to contour to your unique body shape AND it provides the lowest possible level of motion transfer from the person sleeping next to you. Profile height is approx. 10"

Haven Recharge

Great for all sleep types. This 8" all-foam Haven is plusher and more contouring than the 6" Jr. With multiple layers of CertiPUR-US certified specialty foam; Renewable bamboo, natural cool-gel and open-cell foams deliver excellent temperature control. 

8" Recharge Haven Mattress for RV
6" Haven Jr. Mattress for RV

Haven Jr.

Designed as an affordable Haven option. This 6" profile mattress features the same CertiPUR-US certified specialty foam certified foams, bamboo wicking cover, and the balance of a soft contouring layer atop a firm and supportive core.