Regulate Your Temperature With the Latest Cool to the Touch Sleep Tech

by Janis Blonde

Sleep, often seen as a basic human need, has evolved over the years to symbolize the epitome of comfort, rejuvenation, and sometimes, luxury. With innovations flooding the bedding market, how do we discern which products truly enhance our nighttime experience? Enter the Cool Ice Adjustable Fill Pillow and the Cool Ice Mattress Protector — two game-changers set to redefine your slumbers.

Cool Ice Adjustable Fill Pillow

Cool Ice Pillow: A Breath of Fresh Air in Bedding Comfort

Tired of the constant pillow flips searching for the cool side? The Cool Ice Adjust Fill Pillow is the solution to those sweaty, restless nights. Crafted meticulously with cooling chip memory foam fill, this pillow not only promises optimal support but contours perfectly to the unique curves of your head and neck. What elevates it further is its revolutionary cooling shell. This feature is designed for the ultimate temperature regulation, ensuring you're cradled in consistent coolness all night long. Gone are the days of disrupted sleep due to overheating. With the Cool Ice Adjust Fill Pillow, every side is the cool side.

Cool Ice Mattress Protector: Elevating Protection to a Luxe Level

A good mattress is an investment, and like all prized possessions, it demands protection. The Cool Ice Mattress Protector goes beyond just safeguarding your mattress. While its primary waterproof layer ensures your mattress remains pristine and dry, its advanced cooling technology works seamlessly to enhance your sleeping experience. Deep pockets ensure a snug fit, and the 5-sided protection is an added defense against the unexpected. The commitment to quality doesn't end there. This protector is dust mite resistant, backed by a 10-year warranty, and is OEKO-Tex certified. With this mattress protector, you're not just preserving your mattress; you're upgrading your sleep experience.

Sleep in the Lap of Luxury

With the fast pace of modern life, sleep has become a cherished sanctuary for many. The Cool Ice Adjust Fill Pillow and Cool Ice Mattress Protector are not mere bedding accessories; they are investments in unparalleled comfort and advanced technology. Whether it's the refreshing embrace of the Cool Ice pillow or the protective luxury of the Cool Ice Mattress Protector, one thing is certain — your nights will never be the same again.

Revitalize your bedtime routine and dive into a realm of cool comfort and peace with these sleep-enhancing innovations.

Free Pillow Bundle Offer

FREE Pillow Offer

For a limited time, we're offering 2 FREE Cool Ice matching pillows ($260 value) with the purchase of a Cool Ice Mattress Protector (Full/Double size all the way up to King size).

With the purchase of a Twin size mattress protector, we're offering one free Cool Ice pillow ($130 value).