$1,199.99 CAD
stay cool this summer
Eurotop Hybrid Cool Sleep Bundle
Experience ultimate comfort with our LUX Hybrid mattress, cooling pillows, protective covers, and crisp percale sheets—ensuring uninterrupted, restful nights
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$1,249.99 CAD
Upgrade Your Guest Room!
Hospitality Bundle
Hospitality Bundle provides all the essentials you need for an exceptional bedroom environment. Whether you're anticipating a visit from the in-laws or treating yourself to a deserved upgrade, this bundle delivers outstanding comfort and superior sleep quality at an attractive price.
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$2,649.99 CAD
Your Sanctuary For Better Sleep
Eurotop Hybrid Ultimate Bundle
Our meticulously curated Ultimate Bundles feature our highest quality, most sought-after products, and a LUX Hybrid mattress guaranteed to deliver unparalleled comfort night after night.
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Showcase of 12" Hybrid Eurotop Haven Mattress with embossed Haven logo on top of wooden bedframe and headboard with wooden side tables and lamps