Comfort Food for a Comfort Sleep

by Janis Blonde

In an ever-evolving world, the age-old adage that "comfort food heals the soul" remains as relevant as ever. From the aroma of a freshly baked pie wafting through the kitchen to the creamy embrace of mashed potatoes, these dishes wrap us in a culinary hug. Yet, the magic of comfort isn't confined to food alone. As we sink into the soft embrace of our beds after a hearty meal, we find another dimension of solace — comfort sleep. This harmonious relationship between comfort food and sleep is beautifully intertwined – and we'll share with you some examples. 

Fraiche Food Fuller Hearts Cookbook

Recipes from the Heart

Tori Wesszer and Jillian Harris are fans of Haven Sleep Co. and love sleeping on Havens at home! They lust released their second cookbook "Fraiche Food, Fuller Hearts," and it's more than just a cookbook; it's a tribute to family, love, and the sheer joy of shared meals. 

Each recipe carries a touch of Tori and Jillian's personal tales, resonating with warmth and authenticity. Let's explore a couple of comforting classics from their collection:

  1. Autumn Rice Soup: Like a warm hug on a cold day, this soup is sure to transport you back to lazy Sunday afternoons spent in grandma's kitchen. When served alongside the Dilly Buns from their cookbook, it creates the perfect hearty meal for a chilly day.

  2. Vegan Mac and Cheeze: A beloved plant-based classic that offers comfort food at its finest, adored by both kids and adults. Enjoy it as a standalone dish or as a delightful addition to a satisfying, comforting feast.

The Sleep Connection

After relishing a bowl of Autumn Rice Soup or gobbling down some Vegan Mac and Cheeze, our bodies naturally crave rest. As the warmth and satisfaction of comfort food seep in, they pave the way for an equally comforting sleep. Just as these dishes cocoon our senses in familiarity and nostalgia, our beds envelop us in a soft, serene embrace, allowing us to drift into a restful slumber.

The connection is clear: comfort food fuels our bodies, stirs our souls, and sets the stage for a rejuvenating sleep. 

Life's simplest pleasures often lie in its most comforting experiences. Whether it's the rich tapestry of flavours from homemade recipes, or the sheer tranquility of a deep sleep, comfort is a balm to our hectic lives. Dive into the world of comfort food, and let it lead you to the shores of serene slumber.

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