Ground Hog Day Sleep Hacks

by Jocelyn Smith

Groundhog Day 2019 predicted a longer winter, we need to prepare ourselves for sleep during the extended chill. Travelodge’s sleep expert and Chairman of the Sleep Health Foundation, David Hillman, has put together his top tips to help you learn how to sleep better during the winter season. Here’s a quick overview of some of his helpful tips.

  • Set the mood for slumber – Make your room dark before you head to bed. Turn off lights and electronics.
  • Sleep in a clean and pleasant environment – Keep your room tidy before bed to help you focus on slumber.
  • Get the room temperature right – Set the right temp in your room before you climb into bed. Best sleep temperature is between 65 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Avoid interruptions – Put your phone on silent, use ear plugs if you sleep with a noisy partner and invest in an eye mask to help eliminate light and movement distractions.
  • Choose the right bed and bedding – Having a supportive mattress is essential to a good night’s sleep.
  • Wind down and relax before bed – Build in buffer time before bedtime where you stop using your electronics, begin your night time routine and get your mind and body prepped for dreaming.
  • Spend enough time in bed – Most adults need an average of 8 hours sleep every night. Limit your time in bed to no more than 8 ½ hours. If you take longer to fall asleep, factor that into your sleep time.
  • Things to avoid – Alcohol can disrupt your sleep during the night. Not to be obvious but you probably know caffeine is a stimulant and that can keep you awake.