Three Reasons Why I Chose The Haven Mattress

by Luis Zequeiro

Who is Nicole Shallow (

Nicole is is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (R), since 2019. She is passionate and enthusiastic about helping people feel empowered and supported in their life to make positive changes.

She was born and raised in British Columbia, an animal lover, sushi fanatic and self-anointed bookworm.

At first she looked into becoming a behaviour interventionist and work with autistic children, finding her first job at Craiglist. She noticed a gap in services for children with diverse needs like autism, ADHD, anxiety, etc. But one piece was missing, no one had had specialized on sleep at that point in time, and the rest is history.

Through time, Nicole has supported children and families that struggle to achieve a good night sleep, and that is why Your Behaviour Gal was created:

"When it comes down to it, I’m not only passionate about sleep, but I’m motivated to help others develop life-changing habits that ultimately improve their overall quality of life."

- Nicole

On Nicole's Words

By day, I am a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst, specializing in supporting my clients in achieving healthy sleep. I live, breathe and think sleep 24/7 and know how important it is to invest in sleep for your physical and mental health. 

After hours of research and looking at other different mattresses I committed to purchasing the 14" LUX Hybrid Pillowtop HAVEN King size mattress. Here are the top three reasons why this was my #1 pick:*

The Reasons Why Nicole Chose The Haven Mattress

1. Environmentally Friendly. I didn’t realize how important this was to me until I started researching mattresses. Haven mattresses do not let off any harmful chemicals like some other mattresses might (e.g., ozone depletes, heavy metals, formaldehyde, chemical flame retardants, etc.) as well as zero off-gassinges. Air quality is so important when sleeping and I feel safe knowing I am not breathing in anything that could potentially cause harm. 
2. Antimicrobial and Hypoallergenic. Knowing that I am sleeping on a mattress that is not going to flare up any allergies is another reason why I chose Haven. This company has done their research and uses plant-based products to ensure that no allergens will be seeping out into the air overnight! 
3. Temperature control. To easily fall asleep, our body temperature needs to drop 1-2 degrees in order to initiate and sustain sleep. An increase in temperature over night could be contributing to night wakings and sleep disturbances. This is why a cooling mattress was on the top of my list! Sleeping on my old mattresses, I found myself moving around to find a cooler spot, or rolling away from my partner because their body heat was creeping over to my side. On the Haven, I notice myself staying in one spot for the duration of the night, temperature stays regulated and my partner and I sleep soundly together!*

"In the past, when buying a mattress, I have always had a difficult time finding one that truly supported my sleep. My mattresses were either too short, too hard, or too hot. Nothing was ever just right. I took action into my own hands and started researching mattresses!"

- Nicole

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