What mattress is on Island of Bryan?

by Tamzin Birch


HGTV Canada's ‘Island of Bryan' Season 2 is coming soon and we're buzzing!

Want to sleep like you're on vacation at luxury resort? Haven is the OFFICIAL mattress of Caerula Mar, the Baeumler's Bahamas resort featured on Island of Bryan.

Island of Bryan tops the list of the most-watched shows in Canada! The plot revolves around the Baeumler family, who look forward to renovating and restoring a shattered and shabby beachfront into luxury resort Caerula Mar.



The story is set around the entertaining hijinks of the family as they work to achieve their dream. Whether the couple with four kids will find time in their tightly scheduled lives to visualize their dream is a major question and the idea keeps up the excitement level. The property opened to guests in November 2019, watch to find out all the work that made this possible.

Season 2 of Island of Bryan premieres on Sunday, February 23rd will continue to follow the couple and their family’s journey as they continue to develop this Bahamian paradise.

The most exciting part of this announcement for us? Our 14" Lux Hybrid mattress was picked by Bryan himself to provide his guests with the highest quality sleep possible.

The 14" Lux Hybrid is our top-of-the-line pillow top mattress, available in custom firmness options.



At Haven, we believe that the perfect mattress would be one that contours to your unique body shape and aligns your spine correctly, and the Lux Hybrid does just that! You can expect to wake up every day feeling refreshed and aligned.

The supportive layers of our special foam deliver a strong supportive foundation, while the Talalay latex contours and snuggles the mattress around your unique body shape, all while providing our lowest level of motion transfer from the person sleeping next to you.

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