Pick the Perfect Paint Palette for your Bedroom

by Dair Rose

Color has the power to not only transform the look of a space, but also the way you feel. So when it comes to picking a paint color for your bedroom, where the average person spends at least a third of their day, it’s important to be deliberate. Colors can conjure an array of moods, from pared back to playful. Here, we make it easy by breaking down the different vibes and which colors are best for achieving each. That way, you can be sure the shade you select appeals to the most important person in the room: you.

Image via @chrislovesjulia


Neutral walls are a safe, classic choice. Shades of white and cream create a blank canvas for layering on pops of color and pattern in your furnishings, art and accessories. Neutrals also give you the flexibility to change up your decor often—so, if you’re in the mood for fun floral sheets one day and muted stripes the next, go ahead and indulge. 


Rich, dark colors, like navy, deep teal, burgundy and even black, create a warm, romantic vibe. While lighter colors make spaces feel larger, deep tones have the opposite effect, turning the room into a cozy cocoon. Pair this look with lighter furniture and linens to prevent it from feeling too heavy.


Duck egg blues. Pale greens. Cool aquas. Light colors are perfect for unwinding after a long day—they have an instantly soothing effect that will make you feel like you’ve entered an oasis. Crisp white linens heighten the serene feel, while warm wood furniture adds a splash of character. 

Image via @tamauflage


Reds, oranges and sunny yellows are the perfect choice for those who want to wake up feeling optimistic and energized. These bold colors tend to look great with rich woods and other warm tones, and global patterns and relaxed fabrics will keep the space from looking too over-the-top and feminine. Consider adding white trim for a bit of balance.


If you really want to wake up feeling like a king or queen, then purple—the color of royalty—is the way to go. Choose a dusky plum for a bolder look and pair it with like jewel tones, or if you want to go more subtle, try a pale violet or mauve and treat it as you would a light blue. When done right, purple can be true showstopper in the bedroom.


We recommend bringing home paint samples and trying them out before you settle on a shade. As you explore different palettes, remember there’s no one-size-fits-all approach—the one you pick all depends on your own unique personality.