The Baeumler’s Caerula Mar Resort becomes a reality - and it's for rent!

by Tamzin Birch

If you’ve been following Bryan and Sarah Baeumler’s hit reality show, Island of Bryan on HGTV, then you know their five-star resort, Caerula Mar in the Bahamas is completed. What you may not know is that you can rent it.

The Baeumler family at the Bahamas resort. Photo by Caerula Mar

For $32k/night, guests can rent the full six private villa, 18-suite resort, The price includes accommodations for up to 56 guests. The press release they sent out says it includes” all meals and alcohol (except Champagne and cellar wines), non-motorized sports like kayaks, paddle-boards, and beach cruisers, and the coordination of special events and celebrations.” One of the first takers was a couple doing a wedding.

Caerula Mar is decked out with private villas, swaying hammocks, and some of the most luxe amenities in the region. Photo by Caerula Mar

Spread across ten acres of beach on ‘The Sleeping Giant  –  Andros is the Bahamas largest, but least inhabited island. It’s home to the world’s third largest fringing barrier reef and blue hole ocean caves where the mythical Lusca monster is rumored to lurk in the deepest depths.

The club house suite at Caerula Mar. Photo by William Torrillo

The island is flanked by 90+ miles of beaches on one side and dense limestone and mangrove forest on the other. It has just one main road that many travel by bicycle, a busy dock where you can watch all kinds of local shipments come in, and mom & pop restaurants run by local fishermen where fresh fried conch is best enjoyed with a cool Kalik beer and endless views of blue. Not to mention, excursions like blue hole cave diving, bush medicine tours, private island picnics, and more.