Yoga You Can Do in Bed

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of a regular yoga practice. Increased flexibility, supported cardio and circulatory health, improved respiration, energy and vitality. All good things, but what if you don't want to leave the comfort of your bed? We’ve got you covered. Here’s some simple moves for those days you’d like to move your body a little, not a lot.

Wide Child’s Pose

Start on all fours. Place your hands in an even distance under your shoulders, and your knees under your hips. Keep your hands where they are, and sit your hips back and onto your feet. Touch your big toes together, and as comfortably as you can, open your knees as wide. Keep the arms reaching forward to stretch. Notice if your shoulders are creeping up to a hunch, and allow your neck and arms to extend. Take a few breaths in this position. 

Option - walk both hands over to the right and hold, then over to the left for a few more breaths—to stretch out the sides of your torso.

Yoga in Bed: Wide Child's Pose


This pose helps if you have tired or swollen legs. Turn your hips towards the wall. Raise your legs up and rest them vertically against it, as if you are “sitting” on the wall. Tight hips? Put a pillow under you to ease any discomfort. The longer you stay here the better.

Yoga in Bed:  Legs-Up-The-Wall

Seated Forward Fold

Sit up on your bed with your legs stretched out in front of you. Fold forward, reaching towards your feet or shins. If you feel tight in the backs of your legs, bend your knees, and try to keep your spine long. Be sure to focus on your breath - it'll deepen the stretch as you relax into this shape.

Yoga in Bed: Forward Fold


This pose focuses on your chest, back and abdominal muscles. Lie on your stomach, placing your forearms on the bed so your elbows are in line underneath your shoulders. If you feel supported to do so, lift the elbows off the bed. Keep your hips resting on the bed as you gently press your chest away from your hands. Elongate the neck, and keep your shoulders rolled back so you're not hunching. Keep your gaze in front of you, and stay here for a few breaths. 

Yoga in Bed: Cobra Pose


Supine Twist

This refreshing twist wakes up your spine, whether you need it first thing in the morning, or at night after a long day. Start by laying on your back, and then hug your knees to your chest. Hold your right arm around your knees, and gently guide your knees to the bed on your right side. Extend your left arm out to the side. Now, gently look left. If that’s too intense, keep your head facing straight forward.  Stay here for a few deep breaths, and repeat on your other side.

Yoga in Bed: Supine Twist

Hopefully these poses bring you relaxation as well as gentle movement, all while you relax on your Haven mattress. Namaste!