by Dair Rose

“The 100-night guarantee is what really sold me on Haven...it’s a no-lose situation.”


Dr. Marc Nimchuk, chiropractor and owner of Momentum Health, is also a Haven owner. He says his personal experience with Haven is what prompted him to start recommending it to his patients.


Dr. Marc Nimchuk knows firsthand the importance of a high-quality mattress. The Kelowna chiropractor and married father of two says that owning a Haven mattress has given him an appreciation for a mattress that provides exactly the right balance of comfort and support. “Our biggest fear about buying a Haven was that we’d find it really uncomfortable,” he says. “But that hasn’t happened. We’ve owned a Haven for 8 months, and it’s been splendid.”


As a sports enthusiast who travels frequently, Dr. Nimchuk’s busy and active lifestyle means that quality sleep matters. It matters even more for his wife, a registered nurse whose erratic shift work schedule means she has to be able to get to sleep quickly at any time of day.


Says Dr. Nimchuk:

“Our old mattress worked okay for us, but we wanted to move from a queen size to a king, and when we started researching the mattresses available on the market, we found Haven - and I really liked everything they said.”




Dr. Nimchuk says the biggest surprise with his Haven was how easy the purchasing process is.

“We didn’t have to do any work! We ordered the Haven, and it showed up on our doorstep.“


Dr. Nimchuk says that his own personal experience with the product makes it easy to recommend investigating Haven to his friends and family, as he and his wife have found Haven to suit their exact needs. Dr. Nimchuk says his quality of sleep has improved significantly since he bought a Haven - a difference he notices most when he travels.


“It feels so nice to be back in my Haven when I’m at home,” he says. “It’s a very noticeable difference. My quality of sleep is noticeably poorer when I travel. The level of comfort and support I get from my Haven is something I can’t find when I’m on the road.”



Haven Mattress Company typically recommends allowing for a 30-day adjustment period for new buyers to acclimate to their mattress. Buyers may not notice the effects of Haven’s firmness zones and spine alignment feature for a few weeks. A 100-night guarantee means Haven buyers can allow for an adjustment period and determine whether or not Haven is right for them before making a commitment.