Started in 2016, Haven Sleep Co. is a family owned and operated wellness business specializing in plant-based, eco-friendly, chiropractor-certified mattresses made in Canada.

Our mattress production history goes back to 1949. A few years ago, we recognized a change: consumers wanted to avoid traditional shopping. Our research confirmed that everyone hated shopping for mattresses: overpriced products made offshore, questionable materials, exploited work forces, expensive retail environments with pushy sales tactics and no transparency to compare brands.

We decided to be different. We sell high quality plant-based mattresses direct-to-consumers without indulgent showrooms, commissioned sales folks, large warehousing or distribution expenses. This saves our customers hundreds and thousands of dollars, and they still receive a mattress that sets a benchmark in design. Comparable mattresses are priced $4,000 and up, but our top-selling, luxury model caps at $1,899.99.


Certi-PUR US logo Haven Sleep Co
Our team deeply cares about sustainable business and using plant-based materials. We choose natural Talalay latex (sourced from the rubber tree), and soy-oil based memory foams. These alternatives deliver superior comfort and support, a CertiPUR-US certified zero off gassing, and offer incredible durability. Our packaging is sourced from recycled materials, and is recyclable where facilities exist.

We also donate and repurpose returned and defective mattresses whenever possible; our rate of mattress disposal to date is essentially zero - 0.003%, significantly lower than the 5% industry average.

Social Impact

Haven Sleep Co. was also the first company to donate mattresses to charity as a social impact, B Corp. For each 10 mattresses sold, our customers help us donate 1 to charity. Most mattress companies only donate damaged or returned items, but our 10:1 mission goes deeper. We donate damaged and returned items, as well as building mattresses to our charity partners’ specifications. We strongly committed that profit would be just as important a goal as would be social impact. To date we have helped thousands of Canadian get a comfortable and restful night.

CCA Certification

Canadian Chiropractor Association of Canada logo - Haven Sleep Co is Certified Chiropractic
We knew that most of the population wouldn't benefit from the soft, foamy beds being sold by the big mattress-in-a-box brands, so we partnered with the CCA (Canadian Chiropractic Association) to ensure our mattresses offered superior support. With collaboration on advanced contouring layers, micro targeting coils, and custom foam layers to fine tune pressure points, Haven is the first Canadian brand to have mattresses designed with Springwall Chiropractic technology. Our top of the line mattresses are firmer and more supportive than most, while still contouring the body, delivering proper spine alignment for those looking for a healthier and more restful sleep. 

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