The 8 Best Netflix + Chill Movies to Watch in Bed With Someone

by Dair Rose

Whether you’re staying in with your S.O. this weekend or on the giving or receiving end of a “Netflix & Chill” invite, picking out the perfect movie to watch together is key. The goal is to find a film that isn’t too distracting—so most action movies and thrillers are off limits—a little sexy, and that above all else moves, well, slowly.

Translation: A good “Netflix and Chill” movie is a long one that starts off interesting and winds up offering the perfect soundtrack of background noise. From a classic teenage comedy to a sultry indie flick, read ahead for eight of the best “Netflix and Chill” movies to watch in bed with your significant other, preferably on a Haven mattress.


1. Adventureland

Smart, sweet, and most importantly, set to a killer soundtrack, Adventureland is a coming-of-age film about a young man looking for work and love in the summer of 1987 is an awesome way to jumpstart a make-out session.

 2. Clueless 

A classic 90’s teen comedy for a reason, Clueless is funny, sexy, and refreshingly frank about hook-ups (never forget Cher’s failed attempt to ‘Netflix and Chill” with Christian); making it the perfect film to watch in bed with the object of your affection. Just don't fall in love with your ex-step brother...unless he's a young Paul Rudd. 

3. Moonrise Kingdom

If you’re searching for a more elevated movie to set the mood for your next “Nextflix and Chill” session, look no further than Moonrise KingdomVisually stunning and all about young love, this critically acclaimed Wes Anderson film is a feel-good romance that you definitely won’t mind making out to.

4. Grease

Oozing with nostalgia and more notably, sexual innuendos, Grease has been considered a quintessential hook-up film long before Netflix was ever invented. Stream this beloved tale about high-school love (and sexual tension) and you’ll be rounding second base with your partner in no time. 

 5. Forrest Gump

While initially it might seem a little too serious for a chill night in bed, if you think about it, Forrest Gump is actually the perfect film to “Netflix and Chill” to. Engaging enough to spark your interest, but slow enough to still get distracted, this super long movie boasts an awesome soundtrack and a handful of steamy scenes to help your date night go more smoothly.

6. Love Actually

Few things can spark a make-out session like a good romance film, and in the world of romantic comedies, Love Actually reigns supreme. Based on the lives of eight different couples in London, this quirky Christmas classic will set a solid “Netlfix and Chill” mood for your dates all year long.

7. Titanic 

What has Leonardo DiCaprio, steamy scenes, and is over three hours long to boot? Titanic, of course! Packed with a healthy mix of drama and slow scenes, this sexy box-office smash will keep you and your date engaged (mostly in each other) all night.


8. The Notebook 

Okay, we know this one is a tad dramatic for “Netflix and Chill” night but considering it offers both Ryan Gosling and a good storyline, we’re pretty sure you’ll be making out to The Notebook within the first ten minutes of watching it in bed with your date. 

The best “Netflix and Chill” movies are ones that are slightly steamy and especially slow: the perfect recipe for a fun night in bed with someone you’re seeing. Avoid action films and thrillers and instead pick up a foreign film or indie comedy for a guaranteed good time with your significant other.